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Replacing a Toilet Valve

 If you have an older toilet, a faulty fill valve can cause it to leak, wasting water and money. Generally, your best bet is to replace it. It won't take much time. If you follow these steps

Step #1 Remove toilet tank lid and turn off the water supply

Step # 2 Flush the toilet handle and use a large sponge to remove all water from the tank.

Step # 3 Disconnect the water supply nut that connects to the fill valve using a pair of channel lock pliers

Step # 4 Remove the large plastic nut that holds the fill valve to the toilet and pull out old fill valve 

Step # 5 Open new fill valve box and install rubbber washer on bottom of fill valve. Then insert the new Fluidmaster # 400 fill valve in the same opening . 

Step # 6 Install the new large nut to fasten the fill valve using you pliers.

Step # 7 Install refill tube into over flow pipe wuth clip provided

Step # 8 Install teflon paste on the old supply tube and connect water suplly to the new fill,valve

Step # 9 Turn on water supply and adjust the water level if required

Check for leaks and remember to call JP Plumbing for your other plumbing needs.

View the Fluidmaster 400 A Fill Valve Replacement PDF

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JP Plumbing would like to offer one dozen organic fresh  raised  here in St Margaret's eggs to our first scheduled service call. This will be a test to so who reads our new blog site. Just mention this blog post and  JP Plumbing will deliver a dozen free eggs to our first call during the month of March & April

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Camera Inspection of Sewer Lines

Most stoppages start out as a clogged toilet or slow drains and the plumber snakes the sewer line and clears the stoppage. You pay the bill and hope that the problem is gone.

At JP Plumbing we prefer to snake the sewer line and then follow up with a video inspection of the sewer line at the same time as the initial visit.

A video inspection of the sewer line takes the guesswork out of stoppages and gives the Homeowner the option of seeing what might have caused the problem.Rather than spend thousands of dollars and digging up an entire lawn, it often makes sense to inspect the sewer to pin point the problem. The video camera can be fed into plumbing drain lines and let you see the inside of the pipe in real time, showing the exact location and problem whether it is roots, a belly or a broken sewer line.

Not only is the video camera a great way to diagnose a problem, it's also the best way to confirm the repair was done correctly.

A video inspection can also save money

* When you're buying a new home –Have a video inspection of the sewer line of inspect the sewer line between the house and property line clean out. Inspections can tell you if roots are present and locations of cleanouts.

*When something is flushed down the toilet. - If you have accidently flushed a pair of glasses or jewelry, there is always a chance we can locate and retrieve it.

*When you're remodeling. - If your plans involve relocating a toilet or bathroom, you'll need to know exactly where drain lines are. A video camera can eliminate the guess work.

Call JP Plumbing with all your plumbing needs.

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